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2017 Seda,Yading and Niubeishan Expedition


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2017 Seda,Yading and Niubeishan Expedition

Fixed Departure Time:May 5th,2017;Second Departure Time:Sept 7th,2017

East Tibet plateau is rich of mysterious monastery , snow peaks and yak farms everywhere, which could be the last pure land in the world. In this vast land, the Sacred Seda Wuming Buddhism School with 30,000 monks is the largest in the world, and every one must visit in their life. Mt. Yading in Daocheng is the most beautiful snow peaks in the Tibetan plateau, deserved the fame of Last Shangri-la.And Mt. Niubeishan is the best place to watch Sun rise. In this tour, 

In this expedition, we have organized them altogether so that you can visit them all in one stop trip. Not only Seda, Yading and Niubeishan, also drop a tour in a lot of known and unknown monasteries and Siguniangshan mountain. It is a trip of must-visit in one life. 

Tour Summary


   May 5th,2017/Chengdu Arrival

Arrive in Chengdu today and check in hotel yourself. If time permit, you can do some city tour accordingly. Meet with your guide in the evening at 8:00 pm in the lobby for the notification of tour start. Sea level 500 meters.

Meals: No meals


   May 6th,2017/Chengdu/Wolong/Rilong  

   ( 204km / 5 hours drive) 

Start the tour today, driving about 3 hours to Wolong, which is the first Panda Nature Reserve in the world. And then climb over the Balang Mountain Tunnel and arrive at Rilong village in the late afternoon. To be acclimated today. Night in local hotel. Sea level of Rilong 3100 meters.

Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner


   May 7th,2017/Rilong              

   Haizigou Valley Trekking 8 hours

The Siguniangshan,also called 4 girls valley, is made up of 3 beautiful valleys. Today you will start our hiking in Haizigou valley, you will hike up the mountain to the lake on the mountain in about 4 hours, and then return the village in the late afternoon in about 3 hours. Enjoy the beautiful mountain, snow peaks en route.

Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner


   May 8th,2017/Rilong/Danba   

   Changping Valley Trekking 3hours(112 Kms,3 hours driving)

Today you will visit Changping valley, in which you can have a full view of the 4 peaks, also enjoy the beautiful forest. And in the afternoon visit the beautiful Shuangqiao valley to  enjoy the virgin forest, peaks and river. Drive to Danba in about 2 hours in the late afternoon. Danba is known as the Valley of Beauty, and we will go to the Jiaju Village in the mountain directly, which is boasting the most beautiful Tibetan village. The beautiful houses and Tibetan castles pile down from the half mountain. We will have a Tibetan style food today at Tibetan house, also make a home stay in local Tibetan house. Night in local Tibetan village of Jiaju. Sea level of Danba 1935 meters.

Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner


   May 9th,2017/Danba/Seda  

   (395 Kms, 8 hours driving )

Get up in the early morning to explore this beautiful Tibetan village and have a panorama view of the Tibetan village and towers.  Drive to Seda via Luhuo and Daowu in the whole day. And we will drop a visit in Huiyun Monastery in Bamei, which used to be refuge of the 7th Dalai Lama for 7 years, also the birth place of 11th Dalai Lama. Arrive at Seda in the late afternoon. Drop a visit to the Wuming Buddhism School for its night view. The lights of each cottage are looked like star in the sky. Night in local hotel. Sea level of Seda city 3890 meter. 

Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner


   May 10th,2017/Seda/Ganzi  

   ( 253kms ,6 hours driving )

Drive to Wuming Buddhism School again in the morning, and then visit the huge Buddhism school, it is shocking in our heart to see these huge school and pilgrim, and we will also climb up to the summit to visit Mandala. In the afternoon drive to Ganzi county in about 4 hours. Night in local hotel. Sea level of Ganzi 3394 meters.

Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner


   May 11th,2017/Ganzi/Xinlong/Litang/Daocheng   

   ( 417 kms , 9 hours driving )

Drive to Daocheng via Xinlong and Litang today. Enjoy the Yalong River and gorges en route. Also drop a visit in Litang Monastery, which is the largest monastery of Yellow Section. And also enjoy the ice lakes between Daocheng and Litang. And today we will pass by a mountain pass about 4700 meters in sea level. Arrive at Daocheng in the late afternoon, night in local hotel. Sea level of Daocheng 3740 meters.

Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner


   May 12th,2017/Daocheng/Yading 

   ( 110km, 2 hours'driving,Yading trekking 7 hours)

Drive about 78 km to Shangri-la village, and then you have to exchange the public bus to Yading village. Take battery car to Luorong Yak Farm, where you will have a full view of the 3 snow peaks. And you will hike to Milk lake about 5.3km away. And you can also rent local horse for riding or just wait for the group's return . Then drive back to warm Shangri-la town. Sea level 2500 meters.

Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner


   May 13th,2017/Yading/Litang/Xinduqiao 

   ( 427 kms, 8.5 hours'driving )

Driving to Xinduqiao all the day. Xinduqiao is called the paradise of photo due to the beautiful Tibetan villages, mountain, wooden bridges and rivers. Night in local hotel. 

Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner


   May 14th,2017/Xinduqiao/Luding 

   ( 150 kms , 3.5 hours'driving, hiking 5 hours )

Drive to Kangding city via Zheduoshan mountain pass of 4200 meters in sea level. Drop a visit in beautiful Kangding city, which is surrounded by Paomashan hill, Guoda hill and Zheduo river. And then you will continue to drive to Lengji village in about 2 hour, and then you will start to hike, enjoy the big mountain and villages en route. About 5 hours hiking, you will arrive at Pumaidi. Night in local camp base. Sea level 2700 meters.

Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner


   May 15th,2017/Mt. Niubeishan Trekking

Continue to hike today. And you will continue hike about 4 hours to arrive at the top of Niubeishan. The cloud sea, sun rise and Sun set in Niubeishan mountain is the most beautiful in the legend of outdoor tourist. And try your luck!Enjoy the beautiful nature of Niubeishan today. Night in local camp base. Accomodatoin in local villagers house or guesthouse. Sea level about 3660 meters.

Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner


   May 16th,2017/Niubeishan Mountain/Luding  

   ( Trekking 8 hours, driving 40 kms, 1 hour's driving )

Get up to watch the Sun rise if it is good. And then hike down the mountain today and then meet with your coach and drive to Luding city in the afternoon. Night in local hotel. Sea level 1350 meters.

Meals: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner


   May 17th,2017/Shaimian/Ya'an/Chengdu 

   ( 280 km, about 5 hours'driving )

Drive back Chengdu from Erliangshan mountain or Shimian, depend on the road condition. Arrive in Chengdu in the afternoon. End of the tour.

Meals: Breakfast/Lunch

Price List

Package price (twin sharing): US$/ Per Person

Includes & excludes

Tour cost includes:

--English speaking guide. 

--Air conditioned private transportation. 

--Accommodation. In Chengdu, Rilong, Seda, Ganzi, Daocheng, Xinduqiao, Luding will be hotel about 2-3 star, and in Danba will be local villagers guesthouse with private toilet. Every two people share one room. In Niubeishan mountain will be local villagers tents, 10 people share one tents.

--Meals as schedule listed. We will arrange the Chinese style breakfast, lunch and dinner in local hotel or restaurants according to local condition. 

--Tour site entrance tickets. 

--Travel Injury insurance with the highest refund of RMB 300000, the refund term is subjected the insurance terms. 

Tour cost excludes:

--Any of medicinal cost due to travelers'own health. 

--Tips for guide and driver. 

--Any of the transportation arrival in Chengdu on Day 1 . 

--Any of other cost we have not mentioned. 


Because it is tour in the mountainous area and on plateau around 3000 meters to 4000 meters mostly, there is certain risk, also good health condition is required when book the tours. The people who has disease of heart attack and Asthma has even higher risk in this kind of tours. Please inquiry your doctor before you book the tours. And when serious plateau sickness happened, we reserve the rights to separate you from the group in order to keep your health and other tourists tours smoothly. And you will be required to see the doctor or leave the group to the lower place, and for the cost you need to bare yourself and then ask refund from your insurance company. Tour company only refund the fees on tour tickets, meals and hotels not used. 


1.Tour company reserve the rights to change the schedule according to the change of road condition. 

2.Long times riding on the car is necessary in our schedule.

3.The condition of Tibetan area can not be compared with the inner land of China, tour company just ensure that tourist has enough food and clean in hotel.

4.We also offer tailor-made or private tour service for you in any season, please feel free to contact us if you need.