Guilin, whose landscape ranks first

fad99a7f0057406a9fb393f32eb88476.jpgGuilin is famous for its unique landscapes, brilliant history and culture. As an international tourist city, it is known as a tourist city with its landscape ranking first. Rich in tourism resources, it is characterized by the following advantages: First, beautiful and unique landscapes; typical karst topography makes it rank first in “green hills, elegant rivers, strange caves and beautiful stones” with a world-renowned reputation. 00d1c956fc394a48ac7c5139781a809e.jpgSecond, integrated natural resources and human resources; distinctive Lijiang River, Reed Flute Cave and Yaoshan Peak and other scenic spots and Huaping Nature Reserve, Qin Embankment, Lingqu, Maoershan Nature Reserve and Qingshitan Reservoir. Lijiang Scenic Spot has been listed as a national scenic spot, and Xing’an Lingqu has been listed as a key cultural relic under state protection. Third, integrated urban area and scenic spots make residents enjoy the landscapes easily. Fourth, distinct landscapes add beauty to each other, facilitating different tourist itineraries and staged development. Fifth, most scenic spots are supported by towns. Some scenic spots have had certain basis, suitable to multi-function, multi-level and multi-form tours, thereby increasing the interest in tour.